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What are some advantages of becoming an Affiliate?

• A series of “quality” workshops and training programs that are already developed that you can market and deliver under your own company name (in affiliation with LDGI).
• The ability to make the bulk of the money for the workshops and training programs sold, not just receive a daily fee for delivering the material.
• The ability to maintain your personal business identity and still be affiliated with a larger company with a proven track record.
• On-going support from LDGI to include administrative, production, marketing, coaching, and mentoring.
• Weekly national conference calls with the Affiliates.
• Marketing materials and sales training specifically for this profession.
• Proposal templates available.
• A network of affiliates who are available to deliver workshops and training programs that other Affiliates sell. (You pay them to deliver the workshop/training; you get the revenue from the sale.)
• Customized “quality” materials.
• The possibility to market your own material through LDGI to a wider audience. (You receive royalties from the purchase of your material each time it is sold/delivered through the LDGI Affiliate network.)
• Leaders with the vision, knowledge, experience, charisma, and a proven track record. LDGI also has the desire, drive, and ability to be successful and take the Affiliate with them.
• Best of all, more control over the amount of money you make, how often you work, and the frequency of travel.

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