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Workshops Training Programs Assessments


The workshops focus the participant on a particular subject and are an effective method to convey information quickly through a combination of presentations and exercises. The workshops are designed to be delivered and facilitated in a half day, full day or two day format depending on the workshop.

The benefits of the Workshops are:

  • Information delivered in concentrated focused session
  • Workshop exercises re-enforce the subjects and materials covered
  • Activities utilize the participant’s knowledge to put information into action
  • Supports a larger group at a session
  • Can be focused for specific concerns or industry

The Workshops are priced by the length of the session:

  • Half Day
  • Full Day
  • Two Day

Ultimate Marketing System

Format: Seminar

Objective: Assist presenters, trainers and speakers in implementing effective methods to market their services. The program demonstrates an effective process to get clients together to hear your message.

Selling Skills

Format: Half Day Session, Full Day Session

Objective: The participants will understand the meaning of becoming a “Sales Professional” and the different elements of the sales process. The one and two day sessions will have work activities to apply the elements covered.

Customer Service

Format: Full Day Session

Objective: The participant will learn how to create a positive customer service attitude, read the customer needs, deal with the irate customer and build a world class customer service image. They will learn what it means to build customer loyalty and generate repeat business.

Team Building

Format: Full Day Session

Objective: The participant will take part in activities that will assist them to apply the concept of working as a team instead of working on a team. They will learn the correct processes and procedures to build a successful and empowered team.

Sexual Harassment (Understanding & Taking Control)

Format: Half Day Session for Employee or Manager

Objective: The participant will understand the meaning of sexual harassment as defined by the EEOC and how company policies relate to the guidelines. They will learn to recognize situations and behaviors that lead to harassment and how they should be handled.

Presentation Skills

Format: Half Day, Full Day or Two Day Session

Objective: The participant will learn the components of managing your meeting environment and how to prepare and build an effective presentation. The second day will focus on role play and the proper delivery of the presentation.

Time Management

Format: Half Day Session or Full Day Session

Objective: The participant will understand the things that distract them from meeting their goals and how to avoid or handle them in an effective manner. They will focus on assigning priorities to the items they work on so they get more done in less time and all the important items get accomplished.

Communications Skills

Format: Half Day

Objective: The participant will master the art of communicating face to face for more rewarding relationships. They will learn how to communicate with different personality and behavior styles and better understand what others really mean through what they say, think and do.

Motivating The Employee

Format: Full Day Session

Objective: The participant will understand what the cause is, what motivation to these employees is and how conditioning will impact them. They will then brainstorm possible solutions for the employees and build a plan to help.

Supervisory Skills

Format: Full Day Session

Objective: The participant will learn the skills to communicate motivate and lead their team in an effective and productive manner. They will learn to develop the potential of the employees and how ideas can be put into action immediately with the team.

The R & R Workshop
Road Map to Retirement
(Non Financial)
A Must For Baby Boomers!

Format: Full Day or Two Day Session

Objective: The participant will understand that retirement is more than just having sufficient money. They will need to build a plan to balance all seven areas of their life.

Diversity in the Workplace

Format: Half Day Session or Full Day Session

Objective: Participants will explore

definitions of diversity in the broadest terms and build the business case for diversity. They will distinguish between primary and secondary dimensions of diversity while analyzing their own feelings, attitudes and perceptions. They will also identify the diversity behaviors that should be demonstrated in the organization and create a short term action plan for implementing diversity efforts in the workplace.

Personal & Professional Development

Format: Half Day Session or Full Day Session

Objective: The participant will look at all areas of their life, identify their top values and complete a personal mission statement. They will establish a master list of goals, learn how to achieve these goals and set up a 5 year personal goal plan.

Formula For Success

Format: Presentation (30 min. to 1 hr.)

Objective: The audience will understand what is the definition of success, what is motivation, how do you set a goal and how to apply appropriate conditioning to achieve your success.

Negotiation Skills

Format: Half Day Session

Objective: The participant will develop a win/win philosophy for effective negotiations. Learn new techniques, strategies and tactics. This program covers the principles of negotiation, the negotiating process, preparation, the planning of objectives, bargaining tactics, and the closing techniques to get commitment.

Workshops Training Programs Assessments

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