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  • A seminar is defined as any meeting for exchanging or delivering information. It is usually conducted in a brief time slot of 1-3 hours and is primarily a one-way exchange of information. The Speaker is usually considered the expert whose soul purpose is to deliver information.


  • A workshop is conducted with a group of people to explore a subject to develop a skill, technique or carry out a creative project. The trainer will use training and facilitation techniques to deliver the message to get immediate results with the participants. The workshop method is a good way to deliver information in a ½ day to 2-day event.

Training Programs

  • A training program is defined as the vehicle to take information and to put it into application. A training program is usually done with a group of individuals over a period of time for the purpose of establishing discipline, direction, drill, or practice to impact proficiency and efficiency. The best way to deliver a training program is to spread the training over a period of time 5-10 weeks to help the participants to absorb and apply the information to their particular jobs and situations. Information that is used in real application is much more easily adapted and used.


  • Team Analysis – Reports the attributes of each team member and shows the team’s strengths and alerts the team leader to potential problem areas.

  • Customer Service Survey – Assess the customer service knowledge, skills, and attitudes of your people. Then use this information to train and manage them more effectively.

  • Call Center Survey – Measures suitability for call center duties – inbound or outbound. Used to help find employees with the knowledge and skill to “fit” your call center.

  • Before You Hire – A quick, easy to administer inexpensive, reliable method for ascertaining an applicant’s attitude toward motivation, adaptability, service-orientation and trustworthiness, also includes workplace theft and drug use. The test can be administered in only 15-20 minutes, and Windows-based software is available to score and save information and print a comprehensive report.

  • Personality Profile – Designed to sort out some of the mystery behind the applicant and see where they might best fit into an organization, this remarkably accurate instrument can be completed in no longer than 18 minutes!

  • Partner Profile – An excellent tool for matching an individual with a supervisor or to learn if two or more individuals would be compatible in a partnership environment.

  • Sales Pro – A tool used to produce a comprehensive report that outlines the individual’s knowledge and skills with regard to the selling process. Both knowledge and skill scores are provided in the report. The report also includes a review of the applicant’s compensation and other relevant facts important in understanding the applicant with regard to aggressiveness, experience, and position.


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